The Power of Culture

There is a unique culture living deep within every brand. We’re here to help unleash it on the world.

Every brand possesses capital – financial, human, intellectual and, most important, cultural. Cultural capital has incredible, results-generating power. It can’t be logged in a spreadsheet or counted as inventory. But it’s there and it can create deep, emotional connections between consumers and brands that defy competition, price and even convenience.

Peter Mayer was born and grew from a place steeped in culture – New Orleans. Our connection to the unique culture of our hometown is the foundation of the work we do. So it’s only natural that we see the enormous potential of culture as a way to create lasting relationships. With clients. With brands. With people.

We are Peter Mayer

Independent. In our ownership and our thinking.

Peter Mayer is an independent advertising, marketing and public relations agency founded in 1967 by a man named… wait for it… Peter Mayer. We are based in the culture-rich city of New Orleans with clients down the block, across the state and around the world. We use insights, ideas and technology to generate results and transform brands.