Curating Safe Spaces for Consumers

Peter Mayer Agency


Amid a storm of constant social, political, and economic stress, consumers are becoming exceptionally mindful about how environments make them feel. Here are some prime examples of modern spaces and offerings that purposefully engender a sense of sanctuary and calm.

1. Escape Cabins

Getaway offers simple escapes to tiny cabins nestled in nature. Designed to embody the ultimate anti-vacation, Getaway challenges us to rediscover the pleasure of boredom, solitude, and unstructured time.

2. In-Flight Relaxation

Headspace, an app that offers short guided meditations for busy schedules, partnered with Virgin Atlantic in 2011. They have now created in-flight channels and audio exercises for 11 different airlines.

3. Office Oasis

Anxiety and stress take huge bites out of employee performance, and evidence shows that nature can help. Amazon responded by filling their new offices in Seattle with 40,000 plants to create a productivity oasis for employees.

Takeaway: People are overwhelmed. Do what you can to inject a sense of calm and ease of purchase for them.



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