eMarketer’s Mobile Trends 2019 feature our EVP, Michelle Edelman

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Mobile ad spend is anticipated to surpass $93 billion in 2019 – which is why all marketers should check out eMarketer’s new “Mobile Trends 2019” report. Their top 10 trends to watch in the coming year include privacy regulation, audio advertising, mobile video, and artificial intelligence.

We are excited that our EVP Chief Strategy Officer, Michelle Edelman, was invited to share our agency insights in the report!

In regards to 5G looming over mobile investments in 2019, Edelman says, “We absolutely have to pay attention to 5G if we’re going to build these bigger experiences… We have to be one generation ahead if we’re expecting to take advantage of what’s going on in mobile.”

In terms of an increase in nonskippable interactive ads in 2019, Edelman explains, “The more that we read from consumers that they’re feeling irritated and that commercial interruption is not acceptable on the platforms, the better and more engaging the advertising content will get and the more advertisers will be incentivized to make their ads have engagement pieces to them… Ultimately, it’ll lead to consumers getting more of what they want, which is more interactive content that adds to their day, as opposed to commercial content that is largely passive.”

eMarketer Pro’s can download the full report here.

If you are not an eMarketer subscriber and would like to view the report, email us at contact@peteramayer.com.



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