Introducing the New Orleans Snoball Finder App

Peter Mayer Agency

The New Orleans snoball is a finely shaved ice delicacy, covered in inventive syrup flavors. It’s our quintessential summertime treat. No matter where you are in our city, there’s a snoball stand nearby… But where, exactly?

We used our technical and marketing expertise to create an app that locates more than 50 local snoball stands and 250 snoball flavors in the Greater New Orleans region. The app uses real-time, location-based map functionality to help you quickly locate the nearest stands, plus their menus and hours.

Each snoball stand offers unique flavors, and therein lies the joy of the snoball search! Whether you’re craving a classic Cream of Coconut, or something new and exotic like Ginger-Cayenne, you can find it with our Snoball Finder.

The app is a gift to New Orleans in celebration of Peter Mayer’s 50th anniversary, and a tribute to our late founder. Pete arrived in New Orleans in the 1930s, and fondly recalled scrounging up pennies for snoballs with his childhood friends. This passion followed him into his adulthood, as did his favorite flavor: Nectar Cream.


What does the New Orleans Snoball Finder help you to do?

  • Locate the snoball stands that are open and nearest to you with a location-informed map of 50+ stands, including menus and hours
  • Search for the flavor you are craving most
  • Filter by categories such as “clear” and “sugar-free”
  • Save your favorite snoball stands for quick searching
  • Learn the history of the snoball (from an animated version of Pete himself!) 

Download the app for free on iOS here and on Android here.

Check out the New Orleans Snoball Finder on Facebook and Instagram.

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