Infographic: Who Prefers To Travel Midweek And Why?

Amy Hubbell

Amy Hubbell

Director of Strategy, Research & Analytics

While a New Year brings excitement and a fresh start, for many travel and tourism marketers it also ushers in the long, slow season. With the winter months come greater challenges in filling beds and selling tickets, especially during the week.

How can brands crack the midweek code?

This year, Peter Mayer asked 578 U.S. residents who vacation at least once a year what would make them travel midweek. As it turns out, they would actually prefer to travel on weekdays! Across demographic categories, American travelers believe that midweek travel offers a better vacation experience.

Not only do weekdays offer smaller crowds and fewer delays, they enable travelers to have richer experiences, including deeper connections with locals. That insight can translate into more compelling creative and messaging that drives midweek bookings.

See what travelers had to say in our infographic breakdowns below:

Who Prefers_Midweek Travel

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Allure of_Midweek Travel


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