Millennials Are Disproving Their Stereotypes

Peter Mayer Agency


Millennials are growing well into their 20s and 30s. Marketers tend to perceive millennials as lazy and transient, so their more committed and stable behaviors may surprise you.

1. Sticking With It

Millennials came of age when the gig economy was booming – however, the job-hopping millennial proves to be a myth: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the rate of job turnover is lower today than in 2000.

2. Moving In

Thirty-six percent of all home buyers are now millennials, and the generation has led the way in home buying since 2013. One-third of millennial home buyers were driven to purchase a home to provide a yard for their dog.

3. RV Livin’

When you picture an RV buyer, chances are that the first image that pops into your head is a retired couple. Surprisingly, millennials are now embracing this lifestyle by moving into fashion- and tech-forward camper homes, to balance mobility with domesticity.

Takeaway: Millennials are disproving their stereotypes, so make sure to do your research on this audience.



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