Mindful Mash-Ups

Peter Mayer Agency

A new frontier in the pursuit of happiness has arrived, with our values shifting towards mindfulness and well-being. Experiences and goods that lead to elevated physical and mental states are in high demand. From meditative exercise, to 420-friendly travel, the sky is the limit for the mind-body-spirit market.

1. One-Track Mind

Blending meditation with physical exercise, ASICS created The Blackout Track – the “world’s first running track to train your mind.” The experimental track is a custom-built course in London, without the distraction of tech, music, scenery, or a finish line. Its minimalistic style forces athletes to tune into their bodies, and is known to incite feelings of euphoria.

2. Mindful Meal Kits

Not only are meal kit delivery services great for those with busy schedules; many now cater to those interested in mindful eating. Whether you’d like to go vegan, become more environmentally conscious, or more aware of your food cravings, there’s a plan to support your intentional eating habits.

3. Boarding – With a Buzz

New highs are coming to the travel industry, through cannabis-friendly lodging options. Bud and Breakfast allows you to search for over 500 of these rentals in cities around the globe. Offering relaxing, legal environments for consumption, and entertainment such as “Puff and Paint” classes, these properties are pioneering marijuana-infused tourism.

Takeaway: How can you appeal to the mindfulness-seeking population?



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