How Brands Can Turbocharge Their Marketing Efforts Through Momsourcing

Craig Moyer

Craig Moyer

Senior Copywriter

Mommy blogs occupy an important place in the current marketing landscape, and for good reason. There are over 4 million mothers who blog, and they mention brands an average of 73 times per week. Better yet, 81% of Americans trust information from blogs. Mommy blogs have become such an important source of advice and ideas for busy moms, there’s even a term for the trend: momsourcing.

The fact that moms are still the major household purchasing decision maker in over 80% of families means that many brands (especially food and beverage brands) would be well-served to capitalize on the momsourcing trend. To help, we’ve identified three main ways brands can use mommy blogs to take their marketing to the next level, along with a selection of popular blogs to help bring these examples to life.


This is the most obvious and the most common way brands use mommy blogs to help put their products in kitchens across the country. In contrast to hiring an expensive celebrity endorser, mommy bloggers offer their audience practical and creative ways to make use of the products they endorse. Better yet, many of them are completely comfortable in the digital space, and have an easy time spreading a brand’s message across multiple platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.


Hungry Food Love

Melissa Bailey’s blog Hungry Food Love offers a fresh look at Latin-American cuisine with recipes like chicken enchilada meatballs, white bean guacamole and mango upside-down cake. That makes her the perfect partner for Old El Paso products.

Sugar-Free Mom

The “stealth health” movement (cleverly inserting healthy ingredients into tasty recipes) is nothing new. But for health-conscious millennial parents, it’s more relevant than ever. Sugar-Free Mom is chock-full of creative recipes that are tasty without leaning heavily on things like sugar, carbs and gluten. That makes it the perfect fit for the sweetener brand Stevia.


What really appeals to moms? What styles of imagery and photography catch their attention? How do they talk to their peers? What are their concerns? What kind of humor appeals to them? These are all things you can glean from reading mommy blogs.


The Wednesday Chef

Luisa Weiss’s blog The Wednesday Chef stands out with dazzling food photography and in-process cooking shots that food and beverage brands can learn from, especially with regard to what’s appealing on social media. Her Instagram account is equally impressive. Having lived in Berlin, Boston, Paris and New York City she is truly a citizen of the world, and her multicultural perspective is a valuable reminder that good taste comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Rage Against the Minivan

Family life isn’t always easy. Kristen Howerton’s blog Rage Against the Minivan offers a humorous and heartfelt take on what moms truly think and feel. Hers are the sorts of personal stories you won’t hear in focus groups, which is what makes it so relevant to today’s marketers. She covers a wide array of topics including parenting, humor, design and style, adoption, travel and race. For brands looking for authenticity or to connect with cause marketing, this is a wonderful place to start.


It’s hard for brands to stay ahead of the curve. But mommy blogs offer the perfect window into cultural shifts as they happen in real-time.


Southern Soufflé

Recently, southern cuisine has gained prominence in the culinary world. One place you can see this trend play out is in Erika Council’s blog Southern Soufflé. While not technically a mommy blog, it is a great example of how culinary traditions evolve. Council’s grandmother opened Mama Dip’s restaurant in Chapel Hill, N.C. in 1976 to serve what it calls down-home southern cooking. Erika’s recipes offer a more modern, sophisticated approach to southern food with recipes for everything from pecan pie granola to spicy catfish burgers to adult-oriented treats like Biscoff and bourbon milkshakes. It’s a great place for food and beverage brands to see where southern cuisine is headed.

Busy Moms’ Recipe Box

For moms, every second counts. Busy Moms’ Recipe Box shows how modern moms are making time to cook through smart recipe selections and clever meal planning. It’s run by two working moms, one of which is a high school physics teacher. A quick look through this blog shows that food and beverage brands have an opportunity to make a huge impact by helping moms plan meals ahead of time. So if you’re crafting your social media calendar, take note.

When It’s All Said And Done, Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

With an estimated 70% of mothers working outside the home, plus tackling mommy duty, moms need ideas that are both creative and proven. By leveraging mommy blogs, brands can provide consumers with content that succeeds on both fronts.

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