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5 Ways To Turn Facebook Messenger Into Your Best Customer Service Tool

Currently, many Facebook users use the platform to regularly chat with friends and contacts during the day – and the number of active chatters continues to grow; the Facebook Messenger app was the fastest growing app of 2015, according to Nielsen. Soon, everyone on Facebook will also have the opportunity to message your business.

Facebook continues to update Messenger’s features and functionality to help connect businesses with customers, but also to make businesses accountable for keeping up with customer correspondence. This is an opportunity to leverage the power of personal connections to develop loyal customers.
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How To Get Value Out Of Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is making it easier than ever for marketers to take advantage of the mountain of B2B data the platform has access to via LinkedIn Navigator, LinkedIn’s sales tool. Navigator is designed specifically for advertisers and marketers to take advantage of LinkedIn’s trove of B2B data when selling via social. Designed for marketers with a variety of social selling needs, it’s offered in three pricing tiers with a variety of features, all geared to ensuring ROI for anyone selling on the platform.
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The Difference Between What Men And Women Search For On Pinterest

Recently Pinterest shared the most popular searches for men and women so far in 2016. While there were differences between topics that men searched for (luxe watches) versus what women searched for (minty home decor), there was a great deal of common ground among the sexes – everyone wants easy Valentine’s Day ideas and tips to put together a great home bar.

Pinterest’s blog post helped to highlight that the platform is more than just a great way to connect potential customers with your products and services. Businesses and brands would also benefit from thinking of Pinterest as a visual research tool to create snapshots of customer personas, including men.
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