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The Big Gamble: Brands Take A Stand In The Super Bowl

By Jeremy Braud

This year, Super Bowl advertisers tackled culturally divisive issues like never before. Instead of relying on crowd-pleasing humor that typically fuels Super Bowl spots, some brands took big risks by tackling a range of politically charged issues like immigration, diversity and equality. Check out our rundown of four of the most talked-about ads and their underlying strategies.

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Key Ingredients To Connecting In The Kitchen

By D'Elia Majoria

The modern cooking experience is no longer a solitary function between user and recipe. There has been a clear shift from cooking + creation to curation + innovation in the kitchen. The contrast between these two cooking experiences is obvious, but what does this mean for brands?

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Poll: 2017 Super Bowl Ad Preview – Winners And Losers

By Matthew Westfall

We set out to evaluate perception of those ads released in advance of the game – surveying agency staff members on metrics such as favorability and memorability, as well as likelihood to drive purchase and connect with audiences.

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The Fall – And Rise – Of The Super Bowl Spot

By Josh Mayer

It used to be that on Super Bowl Sunday, we all gathered around our TVs to watch the big game and the even bigger commercials. And we all did it at the same time. It was appointment television for everyone, everywhere. There were no pre-released spots, no YouTube, no Top Ten best commercial list before […]

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Infographic: Who Prefers To Travel Midweek And Why?

By Amy Hubbell

While a New Year brings excitement and a fresh start, for many travel and tourism marketers it also ushers in the long, slow season. With the winter months come greater challenges in filling beds and selling tickets, especially during the week. How can brands crack the midweek code? This year, Peter Mayer asked 578 U.S. residents […]

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Four Tips For Reaching Spontaneous Bookers

By Ryan Rogers

Getting your message in front of in-market tourists can be a challenge, but there’s a real strategy to positioning yourself as the thing that deserves their time. But it’s all about targeting tourists once they arrive, rather than trying to reach them before they arrive. Here are Four Tips For Reaching Spontaneous Bookers.

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