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The Fall – And Rise – Of The Super Bowl Spot

By Josh Mayer

It used to be that on Super Bowl Sunday, we all gathered around our TVs to watch the big game and the even bigger commercials. And we all did it at the same time. It was appointment television for everyone, everywhere. There were no pre-released spots, no YouTube, no Top Ten best commercial list before […]

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Infographic: Who Prefers To Travel Midweek And Why?

By Amy Hubbell

While a New Year brings excitement and a fresh start, for many travel and tourism marketers it also ushers in the long, slow season. With the winter months come greater challenges in filling beds and selling tickets, especially during the week. How can brands crack the midweek code? This year, Peter Mayer asked 578 U.S. residents […]

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Four Tips For Reaching Spontaneous Bookers

By Ryan Rogers

Getting your message in front of in-market tourists can be a challenge, but there’s a real strategy to positioning yourself as the thing that deserves their time. But it’s all about targeting tourists once they arrive, rather than trying to reach them before they arrive. Here are Four Tips For Reaching Spontaneous Bookers.

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Refocusing Your Approach To Food Photography In The Age Of Social Media

By Craig Moyer

Traditional food photography is part art, part science, part artifice. It’s often slow, expensive and complicated. But the rise of social media has changed the way consumers see food. In the age of Instagrammed meals, it’s helpful for brands to take a second look at the way they show food online. We put together a handy guide to make things a little easier.

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Watch Webinar: Top Travel Trends Revealed And What You Can Do To Capitalize On Them!

By Peter Mayer Agency

What do travelers want? Where are they? How do we speak their language? Hear from Michelle Edelman and David Crane, Peter Mayer's in-house travel & tourism experts, as they cover the biggest trends you need to know and how you can capitalize on them.

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What’s for Dinner? The Delivery Revolution

By Eric Camardelle

A food delivery renaissance is underway, fueled by consumers’ desire for convenience, simplicity and innovation. With services ranging from DIY dinner kits to niche gourmet meals, startups and established food companies alike are racing to meet the on-demand needs of consumers.

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