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Election Stress Disorder and the Erosion of Friendships

By Michelle Edelman

We use cultural insights to unlock the value of brands for customers. As we’ve studied culture and consumers this year, it’s been hard to ignore the effect of the national election on both. Never before have social media and the speed of information (and misinformation) played such a role in swaying the electorate. For all its benefits to our lives, social media has become a vehicle for political tensions – and that’s breaking up our relationships.

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Marketing Mixtape: What’s Old Might Be Your New Secret Weapon

By Craig Moyer

Fauxstalgia. Sounds like a band name, right? But it’s actually a real cultural phenomenon. In simple terms, it’s an expression of nostalgia for a time you never experienced. From throwback packaging to Throwback Thursday, the appeal of the past is stronger than ever. To put this trend into a context marketers can use, we created a mixtape of sorts to break it all down.

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The Beauty of Ugly Food

By Eric Camardelle

It’s a decades-old issue: America wastes food – 35 million tons a year, in fact. According to the EDA and USDA, we waste up to 40% of all food produced. Socially-conscious consumers are now seeking out brands and solutions to mitigate food waste. This new consumer motivation is sparking a previously untapped opportunity for the […]

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Six Keys to Inspiring, Effective Destination Marketing Content

By Amy Hubbell

Our travel & tourism clients all have unique and enticing facets to market. But what helps their content marketing really stand out and gain a competitive edge? Here are six of our best approaches. 1. Mine your competitors’ content and discover where your audiences engage. A great content marketing program applies competitive learning. Identify best practice […]

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Emoji Marketing: Six Tips for Making Emojis Part of Your Next Campaign

By Maureen Bongiovanni

Fun, charming and infinitely expressive – much to no one’s surprise, emojis appear to be here to stay. In fact, the Oxford Dictionary named an emoji 2015 word of the year. This emoji’s official name is Face with Tears of Joy, and it just so happens to be the most used emoji in the world. (Better luck next time!)

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How Brands Can Help in Times of Crisis

By Ryan Rogers

A little more than a week ago, heavy downpours inundated areas across Louisiana with floodwaters. More than 60,000 homes were damaged and 13 people were killed across five parishes. Learn how brands can lend a hand in times like these.

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