Socializing Food: Feeding Our Bodies By Way Of Our Screens

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Socializing Food

You’d be hard-pressed to scroll any one of your social feeds without encountering a recipe illustrated with mouth-watering photos or a video throwing simple ingredients together for an easy-yet-delicious-looking main dish, side or dessert.

Food-related content is among the most popular category shared on social platforms — hence the well-used #foodporn hashtag. We are increasingly eating with our eyes.

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If you’re a food brand, you want to be offering up the next recipe in someone’s weekly meal line-up or be their next favorite ingredient. You want to become a trusted resource, the go-to that in years past might have been a neighbor, friend or sibling who always had the perfect recipe and could guide you through it. In this situation, however, the whole relationship will take place across a screen.

There are three visual opportunities in the cooking journey — spark, prep and cooking — that can go a long way in deepening the brand-consumer relationship.

Visual Opportunities

Where does your brand’s social conversation fit within those phases? Could you successfully position yourself in more than one? What might that look like?


Spark Phase

The goal here is to inspire, to make x, y or z seem possible. Is this a shot of a finished recipe or an especially-enticing ingredient? Is it making a viewer feel like they can make this particular dish if they’re feeling a little intimidated? Is it a photo or video?

Inspire (example 1):
Everything you need is in this Instagram post — video how-to & recipe

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Inspire (example 2):
Nicely shot image of the final product with post copy that promises they’re easier to make than you’d expect. 

Preparation Phase

Also known as the you-can-do-this phase, how can you prepare a user for the making of the recipe? Will they have questions about specific techniques? Should you walk them through with a graphic or video?

Prepare (example 1):
Here’s how to cut that onion you’ll want to add to your rice mix

Prepare (example 2):
If you’re doubting the ease of this recipe, the little hands alongside the big hands in the prep work go a long way in communicating its simplicity.

Cooking Phase:

Can you predict a question a user might have during this process and pre-emptively answer it? What if you offer them alternatives for ingredients they may not have on hand? This could take the form of an illustrated graphic, photo or video that leads to a long-term loyalty.

Cooking (example 1):
Video with visuals and notes to help in the process.

Cooking (example 2):
Zatarain's_Path to Possibilities

Visual opportunities by way of social platforms can be relational, brand-building opportunities. Be thoughtful, practical and inspiring and you’ll connect with your customers in a way a bound cookbook never could.

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