Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Sauce Turns 50 with FOX & Friends

Peter Mayer Agency

It’s not every day that our client, Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q Sauce, turns 50. To celebrate this special anniversary, Peter Mayer’s PR team arranged for a “FOX & Friends” (Fox News) feature. Rocky Stubblefield — grandson of Stubb’s founder, C.B. Stubblefield — was invited onto the August 18th show for a BBQ Bash.

Check out the segments below for some sweet grilling advice!

1. Rocky shows us how to make his grandfather’s famous ribs that were on the original Stubb’s menu in 1968.

2. Rocky shares tips on how to grill the best chicken wings and introduces the new 50th anniversary sauce: Sweet Honey & Spice.

3. On the “After the Show Show” Facebook Live session, Rocky talks Stubb’s history, learning to cook from his grandfather, and why Stubb’s is healthier than other BBQ sauces.


So far we’ve earned 32.4 MM impressions from these segments.

Congratulations to Stubb’s!



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