Today’s Top Influencers Are Doing It Differently

Peter Mayer Agency

These days, the most powerful influencers bear little resemblance to the mass media-produced, celebrity influencers of years past. People are opting to follow more authentic and original role models, who engage with their fans via social media. Global brands are wise to be partnering with “DIY” influencers.

1. Trailblazing Kids

There is a stylish mother-daughter duo behind Instagram account, @zooeyinthecity. With 146K+ fashion-loving followers, 5-year-old Zooey Miyoshi shows off her style on family trips to places like Tokyo and Disney World. Zooey has a 5% engagement rate, and has partnered with brands such as Forever 21.

2. What’s In A Name?

Celebrity chef restaurants once thrived under cult-following names such as Gordon Ramsay and Emeril Lagasse – but dozens of restaurants backed by influencer chefs such as these have closed this year. This shift can be attributed to the value that modern foodies are placing on originality.

3. Avatar Allure

Hyper-realistic CGI influencers are on the rise. Teenager @lilmiquela is a self-proclaimed artist, model, and activist, garnering 1.5 million followers. Her Spotify single “Not Mine” went viral, she ran the Instagram campaign for Prada’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection, and she is a vocal supporter of transgender rights. Her creator remains anonymous.

Takeaway: In 2019, brands should consider partnering with unique and authentic influencers to reach their target demographics.



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