Watch Webinar: Top Travel Trends Revealed And What You Can Do To Capitalize On Them!

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Leveraging culture is key to a brand’s success. That’s especially true for brands within the travel & tourism industry.

Consumer behaviors change on a minute-by-minute basis, so it’s tough to reach people who are already on the go. What do travelers want? Where are they? How do we speak their language?

Hear from Michelle Edelman and David Crane, Peter Mayer’s in-house travel & tourism experts, as they cover the biggest trends you need to know and how you can capitalize on them, including topics such as:

  • How travel experiences begin before a trip is booked
  • How to create ownable moments visitors will love
  • How millennials are affecting the travel industry
  • How to capitalize on this new generation of traveler
  • How the visual economy affects tourism
  • How travel agents may still be relevant



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