How Burger King’s Rivalry with McDonald’s Reverberates through Adland

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May 17, 2022

McDonald’s has asserted its dominance in the fast food category for more than half a century. But for decades, rival Burger King has found ways to poke the Golden Arches through creative advertising campaigns and stunts. PETERMAYER’s Fernanda Bürgel, who has extensive fast food experience—including four years working on McDonald’s at two agencies—was featured in Marketing Dive’s in-depth look at the creative innovations that have sprung from this very real rivalry.

“McDonald’s was the leader for the longest time, so they spoke with a voice of someone who is a leader in the market. They don’t engage in the rivalry, they were always very stable,” said Fernanda Bürgel, creative director at agency PeterMayer. “Burger King, on the other hand, being the underdog, got to have all the fun — they got to poke at them and do things that felt irreverent and innovative.”

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