What Female Ad Execs Really Think About the Green M&M Makeover

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February 8, 2022
When the candy company Mars Inc. announced it was giving Green M&M a makeover, it ignited a strong response from female leaders around the world. Adweek solicited responses from prominent female ad executives on the brand change. Michelle Edelman's take:

“Green M&M is one sexy piece of chocolate. She was created in the image of stereotypic femininity back in 2008—and even then, we executive women sighed that deep-breathed sigh that comes from a place of ‘we are trying to get to the C-suite, dammit … ’

Greens held an urban myth as aphrodisiacs, so presenting her as a high-heeled, eyelash-batting girl felt like a nod to times past even then. Much as I like to believe feminine trappings don’t trap us in our careers, they still do. We fight it all the time.

And even more, we’re in a time of evolving relationships with sexual assignment. Is someone in heels and lashes automatically female? So the reimagining of Green is very timely and frankly, a relief.

Many more of us can now identify with and enjoy Green’s character. And she/he/they is still one sexy piece of chocolate.”

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