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Introducing the New Orleans Snoball Finder App

By Peter Mayer Agency

We used our technical and marketing expertise to create an app that locates more than 50 local snoball stands and 250 snoball flavors in the Greater New Orleans region.

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Facebook News Feed Changes: Tips To Keep Your Brand On Top

By Arianne White

Facebook has announced a shift in the algorithm that controls the content shown in user’s news feeds. In an effort to facilitate more personal interactions between people, they are deprioritizing content posted by brands, publishers and news outlets and favoring content and updates posted by friends and individuals. Find out how these latest changes affect your brand and see what you can be doing to combat a drop in reach.

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Socializing Food: Feeding Our Bodies By Way Of Our Screens

By Peter Mayer Agency

Food-related content is among the most popular category shared on social platforms, and consumers are increasingly eating with their eyes. If you’re a food brand, you want to be offering up the next recipe in someone’s weekly meal line-up or be their next favorite ingredient. See how your brand can tap into visual opportunities in the cooking journey.

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Party Hard or Party Hardly

By Eric Camardelle

The party’s over and the lights are coming on. More than past generations, today’s 20-somethings are foregoing lifestyles conducive to heavy drinking. The motivation behind the Millennial moderation movement goes beyond career aspirations, as Millennials are increasingly embracing a transition into adulthood characterized by self-improvement and enrichment – in doing so, reengineering the image of young adults in pop culture.

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How Brands Can Turbocharge Their Marketing Efforts Through Momsourcing

By Craig Moyer

Mommy blogs occupy an important place in the current marketing landscape, and for good reason. There are over 4 million mothers who blog, and they mention brands an average of 73 times per week. Better yet, 81% of Americans trust information from blogs. Mommy blogs have become such an important source of advice and ideas for busy moms, there’s even a term for the trend: momsourcing.

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Poll: 2017 Super Bowl Ad Preview – Winners And Losers

By Matthew Westfall

We set out to evaluate perception of those ads released in advance of the game – surveying agency staff members on metrics such as favorability and memorability, as well as likelihood to drive purchase and connect with audiences.

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