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Watch Webinar: Top Travel Trends Revealed And What You Can Do To Capitalize On Them!

By Peter Mayer Agency

What do travelers want? Where are they? How do we speak their language? Hear from Michelle Edelman and David Crane, Peter Mayer's in-house travel & tourism experts, as they cover the biggest trends you need to know and how you can capitalize on them.

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5 Ways Your Travel & Tourism Brand Can Benefit From Voice Search

By Brian Reed

If you’ve ever held up your phone and said, “Hey, Siri” or “OK, Google” you’ve used voice or conversational search. The advance of voice recognition and machine learning is transforming the way we find answers. So, how can your destination or business actually use this technology for marketing?

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Bucket List Travel: Not Just For Retirees Anymore

By Michelle Edelman

If you poll a group of seniors about destinations that are on their travel “bucket list,” they’ll likely list dream vacations that they have longed to complete for decades. Whether it’s the Seven Wonders of the World or a high-end Nile cruise, these fantasies have been built over a long period of time and will take a lifetime to complete – if ever.

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Six Keys to Inspiring, Effective Destination Marketing Content

By Amy Hubbell

Our travel & tourism clients all have unique and enticing facets to market. But what helps their content marketing really stand out and gain a competitive edge? Here are six of our best approaches. 1. Mine your competitors’ content and discover where your audiences engage. A great content marketing program applies competitive learning. Identify best practice […]

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Seven Reasons Why Virtual Reality Marketing Will Revolutionize Travel & Tourism

By Ryan Rogers

It seems like everyone around the world for the past two years has been calling 2016 "the year of virtual reality." And while that might be true, the technologies helping to shoulder true virtual reality (VR) have applications far beyond what we imagined.

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Passion Point Targeting: How to Use Your Destination’s Assets to Attract New Visitors (Part 2)

By Jeremy Braud

In our last blog post on passion point targeting we reported how users are adjusting their travel plans to focus on passion-based experiences, ones that appeal uniquely to them. In this post we’ll reveal ways brands can reach those users, mainly through content-based ad units. There are some great opportunities to connect passion segments to your destination, attraction or property.

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