Changing the heritage of a brand

Business Problem

With a heritage name of “Dixie Brewing,”

this was a brand that wanted to face their moment of change head-on. But how could they ensure their beer stayed relevant as they evolved the brand? They needed not only a new and ownable name, but a new story to evangelize.
Strategic insights
Cultural insight
There are an increasing number of neighborhood beers, as well as an increasing demand for locally curated selections and bars proudly serving local brews.
Consumer insight
People in New Orleans love New Orleans and are proud to call themselves locals. But they can spot a fake a mile away. To claim to be a local you need to prove it with insider insights and insider knowledge about the town.
Brand insight
Produced and sourced locally, this beer is as local as it gets. With flavors inspired by local favorites like satsumas and beignets, the brand has huge pride in its local status.
Creative solution
We positioned the brand as the neighborhood beer of New Orleans and named it “Faubourg” – the name local New Orleanians use to mean “neighborhood.” Then, we enlisted local musician and cultural icon Little Freddie King to help us get the word out.