In 2005, after flourishing for almost a century in existence, Dixie Beer was forced out of New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit and destroyed the iconic brewery. In 2017, after being contract brewed out of state in the years that followed Katrina, Tom Benson, owner of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, stepped in to purchase the brand and return to its New Orleans roots.

As Benson and his team focused on bringing Dixie back, we went to work resurrecting the brand. We developed a multi-faceted campaign built on the “Born in 1907, Reborn in 2017” platform, with messaging that highlighted the similarities between Dixie Beer and its hometown. At the same time, we spoke to a variety of New Orleanians who remember when Dixie was the city’s most prominent beer brand and featured them in a short video announcing Benson’s acquisition.

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