Rice mixes are Zatarain’s most popular product, as families nationwide rely on varieties like Jambalaya, Yellow Rice and Caribbean Rice to bring big fun and flavor to the dinner table, quickly and easily. The challenge was to communicate – in this case via web content – the versatility and flexibility of this product line while also emphasizing the cultural authenticity that is indispensable to the Zatarain’s brand.

When Zatarain’s says it is the authentic flavor of New Orleans, it speaks the truth. People in New Orleans really use, and really love, Zatarain’s products. And not only do New Orleanians use these products; they’ve developed their own ways of using them. Thus, the Real Kitchens of New Orleans was born. The series of short, one- to two-minute web videos features New Orleanians from all walks of life, using Zatarain’s products not “as directed on package,” but how they really use them in their day to day lives.