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Embracing Food Freedom

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November 15, 2023 12:00 PM
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The end of veganism, the resurgence of homesteading, the wisdom of ancestral eating, the power of pro-metabolic diets, and the mouthwatering creations sweeping TikTok. We’re uncovering the latest food trends that celebrate freedom, shamelessness, and a whole new way of connecting with what’s on your plate. Join us as we dive into the forces influencing the ways people nourish and satisfy their appetites.

Explore these trends in a new blog post by Senior Brand Strategist Stephanie Wagner.


Stephanie Wagner
Senior Brand Strategist
Stephanie is a Senior Strategist with 9 years of experience. She has a love of learning and brings strategic thinking to every project. She seeks to understand the connections between brands, people, and culture in order to develop effective brand and communication strategies. Her past experience includes work on Allstate, AT&T, American Airlines Cargo, Bank of America, Reliant Energy, 7-Eleven, Lumen, Zatarain’s, and Better Balance
Laura Thomas
SVP, Head of Strategy
Laura’s 25+ years as a strategy expert brings a proven track record to her leadership of the agency’s strategy department. She's committed to immersing herself in brands and their markets to mine insights that leap off the page. Her previous brand experience includes Always, Bush’s Beans, Crayola, Hasbro, Holland America Line, IBM, Old Spice, Pringles and Tampax.