Our values

All in

We may not do it all, but we give over 100% to what we do, infusing every effort with extra energy and passion.

human forward

We’re about people – not employees, clients, or consumers. We use technology and data only to serve insight, creativity, and compassion.

Resilient optimism

We are relentless and fearless, always pushing boundaries to deliver the best. We empower each other to challenge norms and drive positive change.

Better together

We cherish our diverse PETERMAYER community. We choose “we” over “me.” We are respectful, collegial, and open.

Doing what's right

We always ask, "What’s the right thing to do?" and follow through with integrity.

Justice. Equity. Diversity. Inclusion.

Those values up there don’t mean much if we don’t back them up. Our JEDI Committee helps us stay true to our anti-racism commitment through diversity in recruiting, policy shaping, equal opportunity bidding, and partnerships with POC-led organizations. They also encourage open dialogue, help train us, guide our clients, and support causes that effect positive change.

Founders Day

Though our workforce hails from across America, New Orleans is home. So each year, on the second Monday of September, we close our doors to provide a day of service to our community.

Collectively, we are

Our team

We are thinkers, doers, dog moms, and data wonks who bring a whole lot of heart to everything we do.
Michelle Edelman
Partner | CEO
Keith Crawford
Partner | Chief Financial Officer
Adam Blankenship
Partner | EVP, Director of Client Engagement
Laura Thomas
SVP | Head of Strategy
David Crane
VP, Director of Account Management
Kristy Baird
VP, Account Director
Jaime Rubianogroot
VP, Director of Media & Analytics
Liz Murnin
VP, Business Development
Breck Rochow
VP, Public Relations & Social Media

There’s a you-shaped hole in our team. Let’s fix that.

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