Peter Mayer is an integrated marketing agency.

We leverage cultural insight to unlock brand potential.

For 50 years, our New Orleans agency has grown in a city brimming with unique culture – so it only makes sense that our understanding of culture colors everything we do.

At Peter Mayer, we gain cultural insight through culture mapping and culture prototyping. We pair this insight with unconventional creativity to tell culturally relevant brand stories that resonate. This process has successfully moved consumer perception of national brands in tourism, food and beverage, telecommunications, healthcare, and more.

We do more than just advertising.

Our people have cut their teeth at some of the best shops in the industry, and our skillsets are as diverse as the city we call home. As a full-service agency, we offer expertise in creative, strategy, research/analytics, production/delivery, public relations, media, social media, SEO and SEM, and development.

We are a member of a global network.

AMIN Worldwide is an alliance of over 50 independent marketing agencies. Everything we do is designed to increase the reach of our members and clients. This is achieved through: powerful local and global insight, extensive industry experience, knowledge of emerging trends, market-leading creative and results-driven work. All within reach – quickly, seamlessly and efficiently.

We stick to our values.

Since Pete founded the agency in 1967, our employee values have remained the same: to be honest and fair, generous, curious, “uniquely you,” and “all in.”

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